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The Community Development Professionalisation Steering Committee (CDPSC) was established in July 2011, at the Community Development (CommDev) Qualifications Stakeholder Meeting, with a mandate to further the professionalisation of the community development sector. A proposed action plan, drafted at the July meeting, relates to seven objectives to be achieved by the CDPSC; collectively they contribute to the ultimate goal of accredited CommDev professionalisation. The CDPSC core membership consists of 13 members, made up of two representatives each representing the SAQA task teams which were responsible for designing the CommDev qualification frameworks for NQF levels 4, 5 & 8 (and who are part/knowledgeable of HEIs and FETCs), representatives from DSD National, COGTA, civil society, ETDP SETA, HWSETA, DPSA and SAHECEF. The CDPSC will provide supporting, coordinated, accelerated and expanded evidence based action and response to the professionalisation of CommDev. This scope of work allows the CDPSC to co-opt relevant expertise on an interim and ad hoc basis for the sole purpose of setting up task teams to achieve specific outcomes relating to the specific objectives and their seven overall mandated actions. The specific objectives are: 1) promote coordination and harmonisation of policy guidance and stakeholder involvement for professionalisation; 2) advocate, promote, support, monitor and evaluate, both internally and externally, the accelerated implementation of community development qualifications; 3) assess, support and promote the development and sharing of technical requirements for community development qualifications delivery; and 4) support and broaden networking and collaboration. These objectives collectively relate to the action plan drafted at the July 2011 meeting mandating the CDPSC to: set up a professional body, define a migration path for past/current qualifications, align terminology and nomenclature in the OFO, identification of students for intake into the CommDev programmes, collaboration with SETAs around CommDev, support and assist with curriculum development for the three CommDev qualifications, and communication to broader stakeholders.


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