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CDPSC has embarked on HEI one-on-one meetings for the purpose of discussing the professionalisation of CommDev and the roll-out of the CommDev qualifications linked with an RPL project. Several HEIs are now in the process of finalising their applications to offer the CommDev qualifications. During 4-6 June 2013 a National HEI & Stakeholder workshop took place to finalise matters regarding the qualifications roll-out.


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FETCs have been approached during the 2012 CDPSC road shows, as well as during advocacy workshops, by ETDP SETA in collaboration with the CDPSC – in order to inform service providers about the RPL project, to entice providers to take up the new qualifications – and, as well, into becoming public RPL centres...


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Way Forward HEI Workshop 06 June 2013


Brief History of CommDev in SA Prof de Beer and Dr Maistry
  CommDev NPO & RPL Dr Perumal and Dr Naude
Process and Progress towards CommDev Professionalisation Ms Hart and Ms Kumeke
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