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The Department of Social Development (DSD) and the CDPSC will be hosting a workshop for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and related stakeholders to discuss and finalize matters regarding the roll-out of the Community Development Qualifications. The purpose of the workshop is to engage with academic and related community development stakeholders on pertinent issues required for the roll-out of the Community Development Qualifications.
Some of the main issues to be dealt with at the workshop will be the Community Development Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for the said qualifications; conceptualizing fieldwork practice-, mentoring- and supervision guides so as to come up with an integrative approach and model that will be doable as well as suitable in both rural and urban settings at public- as well as NGO sectors.
The DSD was tasked with the responsibility to develop, facilitate, implement and monitor appropriate policies and strategies aimed at creating a conducive environment in which community development can take place. The Department together with the CDPSC already pursued several activities relating to the generation and registration of three community development qualifications and engaged so far via one-on-one meetings with HEIs, that are interested in offering the community development qualifications. It is against this background that the DSD would like to engage the academic- and broader community development sectors to discuss the roll-out of the said Community Development Qualifications.
Four representatives from each relevant HEI and other Stakeholders were invited to the workshop. The workshop will take place from 4 – 6 June 2013. After the workshop a report will be compiled and made available later in the month of June and placed on the CDPSC website too.
We are looking forward to very fruitful discussion and deliberations towards the compilation of an integrative approach and model for community development practice of the qualifications.






Reviewed Implementation of Comdev in the South African Context - Ms Sadi Motsuenyane

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