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The purpose for the HEI and Stakeholder Workshop was to prepare and finalise matters regarding the roll-out of the Community Development qualifications at NQF levels 5 and 8. Delegates attending the Workshop included representatives from various government departments, Institutions of Higher Learning (HEIs) and Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) involved in community development, as well as other related stakeholders. The workshop engaged with participants on pertinent issues and requirements to offer the said qualifications, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) relating to the qualifications, Community Development Praxis (integration of theory and practice as well as the mentoring and supervision guides) for the qualifications, as well as the fieldwork practice requirements. During the welcome and introduction of the workshop on day one; Ms Sadi Motsuenyane outlined the context in which community development is happening in South Africa. Other presentations that were made on the first day of the workshop focused on: a historical overview of community development; process and progress towards community development professionalisation and qualification roll-out since 2011; and community development field of practice: NPO’s and RPL. The remaining days of the workshop involved group work relating to the theory and practice requirements for the said qualifications. The following resolutions were captured on the third and final day of the workshop: 1) Rationale for Curriculum Quality Standards; 2) Mode of Instruction – Mix mode; praxis emphasis; 3) Access Articulation to Other Qualifications (nat. Horizontal & Vertical); 4) Admission Requirements; RPL; 5) Learning Presumed to be in Place; 6) Exit Level Outcomes & Associated Assessment criteria for each qualification; 7) Assessment Methods / Tools; 8) Minimum Credits required at specific levels (core, practicum & electives, in SAQA Framework); and 9) Programme Modules (main outcomes, - content, pre- & co-requisite modules, breakdown of learning & methods of assessment, etc.).

Task teams were established to assist with the completion of the field practice guidelines for the qualifications. This guideline will include the following sections: Section A: Definitions & Terminology for fieldwork practice (rationale for integrating praxis into curriculum); Section B: Roles & Responsibilities of Staff (HEI & Stakeholder) in delivery of field practice. (Guidance re-coordination & systems required for delivery a successful programme); Section C: Procedures & Guidelines to be adhere to for delivery of praxis in Community Development qualifications; Section D: Relevant Forms for Praxis Learning (HEIs & Stakeholders familiarisation with relevant documents (including guidelines for students, mentors & supervisors); and Section E: Policy (Ministerial Orders & guidance e.g. CHE, DoE, SAQA, - RPL etc.) as well as HEI & stakeholder policies) copies and procedures relevant to delivery of field praxis.

The full workshop report and abovementioned presentations can be downloaded from this web page when you click on the relevant link on the side-bar.






Way Forward HEI Workshop 06 June 2013



  Brief History of CommDev in SA Prof de Beer and Dr Maistry
  CommDev NPO & RPL Dr Perumal and Dr Naude
  Process and Progress towards CommDev Professionalisation Ms Hart and Ms Kumeke
  HEI and Stakeholder Workshop Report
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