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  About the SAACD

Professional and accredited community development is linked to a need for the raising of standards of practice by means of a standardised, cohesive and effective organisation movement – thereby indicating the purpose for the professionalisation of community development in South Africa. This professionalisation must be driven by a professional entity (e.g. SAACD) which will ensure accredited and professional community development. SAACD, as an NPO, will legitimise and professionalise community development practice by expanding the body of knowledge and improving the practice quality norms, standards and ethical conduct – as well as advancing the reputation and refining of recognition and certification (e.g. RPL & accredited qualification obtainment) of persons and/or entities working in community


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  About the CDPSC

On 21 July 2011 the Community Development Professionalisation Steering Committee (CDPSC) was established at the Community Development Qualifications Stakeholder Meeting, with a mandate to further the professionalisation of the community development sector. A proposed

action plan ...

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  CommDev Qualifications (NQF Levels 4,5,8)

The overall purpose of the three CommDev qualifications is to qualify persons in the required competencies in order to contribute to the empowerment of communities in the improvement of their quality of life. Each of the three qualifications has a specific

purpose with related knowledge, skills and attributes.

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  HEIs & FETCs

Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and Further Education and Training Colleges (FETc) are key to the succesfull roll-out of the CommDev qualifications and professionalisation of the CommDev sector. Several HEIs and FETCs are currently in the process of applying for accreditation to offer the CommDev qualifications...


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  RPL Pilot Program

Recognition of prior learning can be obtained in an informal and formal manner. The motivation behind this pilot project is to integrate the learning of persons currently working in the field of community development as they have knowledge

and/or skills from...

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The CDPSC Newsletter is the first CommDev newsletter in South Africa. This newsletter is sent out electronically every alternate month, to update everybody about progress towards CommDev professionalisation, as well as recent and upcoming events.

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