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  National Certificate: CommDev (NQF Level 5)

The National Certificate: Community Development (NQF Level 5) is designed to empower people who are already working, or who intend to work, in any setting relevant to community development. It provides learners with the competencies which they need to act as change agents and so add value in the practice of community development. Learners acquiring this qualification will develop the knowledge and skills to operate effectively in the CommDev environment, in support of individuals and organisations (both emerging and existing) in achieving their community development goals and objectives. Learners will be enabled to establish and maintain partnerships through active networking and lobbying. Learners will gain the competencies needed to identify community needs while working with communities and households, to identify and plan community projects for social change, to improve the quality of life of communities in an integrated and sustainable manner, and to mobilise resources. This qualification also offers opportunities to those who have worked in the CommDev sector for years, but who have as yet obtained no formal qualifications. This qualification will prepare learners for a career in the community development field, as well as create an opportunity for further learning and vertical progression to the Bachelor of CommDev Degree (NQF Level 8). Learners accredited with this qualification will be able to: demonstrate a critical understanding of CommDev theories, approaches, principles and processes that can be applied within various CommDev contexts, conduct community-based research to inform CommDev interventions, examine and apply the relevant legal and regulatory framework to facilitate sustainable and integrative community development, explore and co-ordinate networks and partnerships, with due regard to diversity, in pursuit of meeting community requirements in an ethical manner, plan, design and manage a community intervention, select and apply appropriate leadership and/or management styles/models for the purpose of promoting community wellbeing. Learners will also be able to integrate generic CommDev knowledge and skills in an effective manner, to promote ethical and professional CommDev practices. The range of electives in the qualification will allow the learner to gain specialist knowledge relating to community development careers in one of the following sectors: administration and governance, adult learning, agriculture, community arts and culture, community health, community media studies, ECD, environmental studies, gender studies, health, human resources development, human rights, human settlements, local government, policy development, population studies/demography, rural and urban development, tourism, victim empowerment, volunteering and youth development.

See SAQA Qualification ID: 80946 National Certificate: Community Development for details regarding this qualification and providers currently accredited to offer this qualification.



SAQA National Certificate: Community Development Qualification Framework


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