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  Bachelor of CommDev (NQF Level 8)

The Bachelor of Community Development Degree (NQF Level 8) has been informed by the scope of practice for CommDev Practitioners. It is a professional qualification intended for CommDev Practitioners who are required to facilitate collective processes in a community to effect psycho, social and economic development. CommDev Practitioners require theoretical knowledge and practical skills to facilitate activities that enable households and communities to manage their own development towards achieving sustainable livelihoods. CommDev Practitioners need to be accountable, responsible and ethical. This NQF Level 8 degree will meet the requirements for employment as a CommDev Practitioner in the Public Service, NGO, FBO, international development entities, corporate and civic entities. It should produce CommDev Practitioners who are able to facilitate the collective actions needed to build and empower communities including, but not limited to, the poor. Learners who graduate with this qualification will be able to: facilitate community initiatives, integrate theory and practice to analyse needs and to plan and facilitate interventions in communities where they work in order to collectively build community capital to bring about social change and justice, promote change and community ownership that is self-sustaining, coordinate interactions with communities, conduct research in communities to facilitate and inform a participatory approach to development, and promote the integrated wellbeing of a community according to the fundamental principles and ethics of CommDev. This is a professional degree that emphasises an integrated and holistic approach to CommDev. It is assumed that learners can work independently, that they can operate at a high cognitive level – and that they can solve complex, real world problems and issues using evidence based solutions and theory driven arguments. The degree qualification requires an integration of theory and practice that will equip learners with the knowledge, skills and values needed to enhance the integration of all CommDev stakeholders for effective CommDev across all sectors involved in CommDev. Learners may choose to specialise in one of the following electives: youth development, human settlement, policy development, population studies/demography, community health, sport and recreation, community art and culture, adult learning, community media studies, rural and urban development, international relations, agriculture, tourism, environmental studies and gender studies.

See SAQA Qualification ID: 79706 Bachelor of Community Development for details regarding this qualification and providers currently accredited to offer this qualification.



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