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Interactive partnerships involving several roll players and stakeholders are required for South Africa to follow an accreditation process for community development professionalisation; a process that would be licensed by government and/or its proxies. This accreditation process requires the development of an interaction model (partnerships) between HEIs, CHE, SAQA, FETCs, SETAs, QCTO, NGOs, private sector and others, which speaks to the national priorities as well as aligning itself with the disciplinary and practice experiences required for the CommDev qualifications and its professionalisation. This professionalisation accreditation calls for a process that relates to how best to characterise and implement community development as a fully fledged profession, with its own quality assurance standards and code of ethics – and which is regulated by an independent professional body. Some of the first steps have been taken by forming partnerships with some of the key roll-players and stakeholders. These partnerships are with SAQA, CHE, QCTO, ETDP SETA, HWSETA, HEIs, FETCs and NPOs. Several more partnerships are in the process of being finalised for 2013, so as to involve more public- private- and NGO sector partners, all of whom are required for the successful professionalisation of CommDev.




The SAQA partnership was established for the development of the three CommDev qualifications (NQF levels 4, 5 & 8) as well as the overall RPL pilot project for CommDev.

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The CDPSC is currently finalising an NPO partnership specifically responsible for the establishment of the Association for Community development. More details in this regard will follow soon.



The HWSETA partnership involves the RPL pilot project and partially the development of the Organisational Framework for Occupations (OFO).

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The ETDP SETA partnership currently involves the accreditation, roll-out and quality assurance of the NQF levels 4 & 5 CommDev qualifications, as well as the RPL project for these two qualification levels of CommDev

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